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Fatality Lyrics

Breezy – Fatality Lyrics

Challenge accepted test your luck hahahahahahahaha

1st Verse
(Round 1)
I think you missed a couple practices didn’t know that big things come in
Small packages stabbing all you savages with a long stake everybody is
Tough until they break I’m making their eyes pop making their heart stop
Kicking so many sons of bitches off the rooftop watching them all fall like
A rag doll with a brutal kick eat is coming really quick an you fucking
Suck dick I’m brainsick looking like a lunatic psychotic demonic I’ll
Make your health decline couldn’t even beat me in your lifetime bottom
Line go for the k. o. combo then I’ll rip out your spine an now your soul
Is mine

Everybody knows you suck an that you are weak as fuck test your luck an
Then you will die instantly I will split your personality with a fatality

2nd Verse
(Round 2)
I’ll decimate put you in a critical state & then decapitate dominate an
Desecrate at a very high rate I’m irate & it’s only round one the final
Battle hasn’t even begun & I’m ending your run thinking about
Everything I do is ungodly fucking them all up & double tap them with the
Shotty hit them with the venom & a little bit of karate I’ll ruin your
Set like a shitty disc jockey you’re going to get destroyed you’re
Going to get annoyed I’m thinking like a Hills Have Eyes mongoloid an
Once you lose stamina I’ll demolish you punish you & diminish an then I
Will finish you


3rd Verse
(Finish him)
I’ll run upon you like I got one upon you & pursue I doubt you will make
It though round two my signature move will out beat you defeat you I’m
Coming up with a knife to meet you fighting to the death in a chamber or
Tomb I’ll be carving up your carcass in my throne room the eye popper
Showstopper with a striker fighting style murdering as many as Reptile get
A better sword & shield you’re never going to get healed I’m breaking
Your forcefield many wigs I’ve peeled keep your lips sealed an many lives
I’ve stole bitch you’re not in control I’m making you bleed out
Through every hole an then I will drain your whole soul

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