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Sorcery Lyrics

Breezy – Sorcery Lyrics

1st Verse
I’m about to shape shift & change an takeover the world like Dr. Strange
I can even hurt you from long-range with telekinesis an put you in
Pixelated pieces so don’t be a bitch to me or I’ll do witchery an then
I’ll claim victory you have no ability an I could control you like
Puppetry flying like a Magic Koopa on a broom looking for more souls to
Consume I’m sinister similar to David Lo Pan ending your quest before it
Began summoning wizards & warriors my witchcraft tortures you & your
Sidekick I’ll freeze time quick riding on a broomstick practicing all the
Black magic taking over the world by storm tricking every life form like a
Dark king I’m the dark thing doing dark arts seeking out darkness &
Ripping out hearts I’m like the best in the galaxy right on your cavalry
An teleporting rapidly you must be living in a fantasy for thinking you can
Really kill me

Killing them is a priority & I will give them a sample of sorcery then
I’ll be ending your little adventure you’re fucking with an evil
Emperor ancient sorcerer with a short temper showing everybody in the world
No mercy after I serve them up some of that sorcery (2X)

2nd Verse
I’m taking all your gold like a leprechaun casting out of the
Necronomicon spreading the seed of corruption controlling space & time &
Every dimension with a badass intention & potions switching up the motions
& the pattern going faster than your Saturn so don’t take a wrong turn
I’m murdering anybody that steps in my cavern the master of mischief with
A spliff sorcerer on a cliff that’ll make you expire while on fire even
If you’re a few levels higher an somehow got a master sword bow to the
Demon warlord I got the best power set an you haven’t seen shit yet bet
I’ll make you disappear like I was a dark prince dropping a smoke bomb &
Then I will hit you with some turbulence catching pursuers in my sewers
While I’m hanging around my evil doers getting pretty power hungry making
A catastrophe with witchery so you must be living in a fantasy for thinking
You can really stop me

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