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Flawless Victory Lyrics

Breezy – Flawless Victory Lyrics

1st Verse
I’m helping you committing suicide I’ll be ruining your good side until
I’m satisfied an winning by a landslide you can’t even say you tried
When I’m getting the most points an smoking the most joints as possible
I’ll be in perfect condition an you’ll be in the hospital I’m
Thinking you better watch your back I’m shoving a stick of dynamite right
Up your ass crack ready for anything I’m murdering everything like a
Tommy gun beating you like a fat stepson one on one an I won many
Contenders keep on dropping failure isn’t an option pick up the pace
Before I hop in because I’ll be chopping without stopping taking them all
Down effortlessly to battle me would be idiocracy obviously I got to be the
Last man standing fearlessly better than you inadvertently I’ll be
Winning most certainly without difficulty with every move & every hit
Executed fucking perfectly

Flawless Victory (4X)

2nd Verse
You’re never going to push through never going to make it to round 2
I’m duking it out like Duke Nukem blocking all the damage when I juke
Them taking over successfully smoking cannabis low-key then doing the hokey
Pokey after beating you repeatedly beating you so easily an winning without
Injury I’m thinking you better bow down thinking about fucking around
Will put you in the ground I’m showing no weaknesses leaving no witnesses
Without any mistakes serving up heartbreaks like hotcakes feeling like I
Won the sweepstakes now I got a big boost & got bragging rights punching
Out your daylights I’m ready for anything murdering everything carving
You up real nice like an easy sacrifice an I’m as cold as ice want to run
A race but you will fall on your ass I’ll blow past you like you were a
Fat bitch in gym class I’ll be the last motherfucker that they all will
See feeling gratification immediately


3rd Verse
If you got a soul then you better give me that I’m taking everybody out
Like Mortal Kombat where the fuck have you been at pussycat focus bashing
The whole block until they notice know this I’m showing the kids what
Dope is I’m thinking you better practice falling down because I will
Straight up pound on your crown I’m ready for anything murdering
Everything without any fails no fairytales I’m keeping the heads of a few
Females taking off body parts & fingernails an bragging about all the
Fucked up details I cut them cook them & eat them like hamburger like it
Was just another damn murder going up against anybody successfully like
This is my movie easily doing everybody dirty then I’ll be dancing like
I’m not the father on Maury winning without any difficulty every story is
Gory & I’m making you bleed out with your posse then I’ll give my girly
A vagina hole injury as soon as I get her braless then the rest will all be


You white piece of bread you want to fight me you can’t fucking take me
You are too weak you got to be fucking kidding me that was too easy
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