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Spanish Song Lyrics

Tonedeff – Spanish Song Lyrics

Ayo, I'm playing knick-knack patty knock a beat the fuck out
Rejecting cats faster than gay kids bounced from the cub scouts
Tossed from the front door of the clubhouse, like, "what's up now?"
Scour the grout off they feet and making em walk the rough route
I'm sick of niggas wearing Sean-John, always puffed out
Hogging mics, acting retarded, just like Forrest Gump sounds
So, if these rappers wanna bust rounds, I'll have a field day
I'm always in-zones when I touchdown, compton to bucktown
Pounding the scrubs, How in the fuck your stuff counts?
When Verbs is on witness protection, after hearing how I snuffed Nouns
Stalk a circus and hunt clowns... . If you're smoking
Tonedeff causes emphysema, and will ultimately turn your lungs brown
And that's my recommendation, I'm saving ya' from deterioration
By making replacements for inferior baseman
Players that never could play at the game they were placed in
Checking the roster for their names, just to discover that they were scraped in

Yo, I cross cultures like puzzles of words
All y'all nickel & dime mcs are better off smuggling herb
The minute I mutter a verb, I spark infernos
I should be locked up for fucking kids like I was Mary Kay Latourneau
You saying there were no... Witnesses
Quick... If this hypocrite fibs a bit
Kick his shit in and just get the whip and a hypnotist
I'll finish him with a little lyrical hit and then stick em and spit in his
Liquor with gin in it till he's admitting it
Y'all wack rappers are just effiminate
If eating dick's la vida loca, y'all niggas is living it
So, Come on!!, no need to do the arithmatic
This kid is just sick, so, Heads up, peep my single Ridiculous
I inconspicuously wow brothers, without studders, Leave sounds smothered
You couldn't come to grips with cow udders
Like proud mothers, I brag with the best of em
Ask your man what score he got after Mr. Deff tested em

If you're the champ, hand over the fucking title now
More rules than a Cider House
Pay me the proper respect... Just close your eyes and bow
Its show and tell ya better hide your style
I'm trying to separate the wack from the weak and I can't seem to divide the pile
Stop grinning or I'ma strike ya smile
Like lawyers strapped with time bombs, you'll never survive the trial
Cause I'll defile ya name, card your ass and swipe ya file
Bitch, I'm the river of venomous flows that spiked the nile
Despite denial, some rappers are never happy
Yelling and shit with no email addresse talking bout get @ me
Dog, I'm serious, with handhelds I'm shouting out, like Nextel
Don't need a copy of Microsoft Office to excel
Word. I'm making these power points like Bill Gates
Cause yo, if tone is recorded on chrome, it's instantly the I'll Tape
You know Domingo makes the real breaks
Your mother said "Guanabana", when I asked her how the dillz tastes
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