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Space Lyrics

Tonedeff – Space Lyrics

There is space all around us
Space that occupies the length of the sky from the ground up
It abounds and astounds us
Space that we just can't wait to eliminate when we've found lust
And the very thing we pray for when our mates are starting to hound us
The sound of space silent, and breaking the speed of sound is violent
But it's necessary to crack the atmosphere to find it
There's Space between cars when you've sped in the streets that should never
Be breached or you're dead and deceased
There's even space between Letterman's teeth
You'd better increase the space between us
Cause personal space invaders get their gender planets switched from Mars to Venus
Banished into uncharted regions, sandwiched between millenniums
Challengers get brandished as wasted space like their perineum's
Space is at a premium, so guard your place
It's hard to take a harsher fate, than cats jacking your parking space
Your car's displaced, and I fit in where I can, and if you're a guy
Your petitioning women to fill up the space between their thighs
And I've realized that space is what makes safer sex
Relying on rubbers that won't break or stretch, to place your bets
I raise the question and most heads will take a guess
Why? Cause most cats ain't smart enough to be Astronauts
But make amazing Space Cadets
I'm acing tests, cause I'm known perform with grace
Scorching 'em over breaks - my mind serves as my lyrical storage space
I've scorched the bass drum, and I've spared snares when the board's recording
My big bang theory states that space got more suns than George Foreman
I'm tormenting rappers that are 2 faced cheaters
Claiming their block is hot
But only with the power set to max on their space heaters
The waste they feed us is alarming
Their CDs are overpriced like living space in lower Manhattan apartments
There's space in a coffin, for your remains to be rotten
Space that is made of stars, and space that's contained in a carton
Space in this game for those willing to suffer pain
Space for a new thought to stuff in your brain
But there's no space in my FUCKING name
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