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Heavyweight Lyrics

Tonedeff – Heavyweight Lyrics

V1 (24)
The premises get vacated?The millisecond I kill the seven niggas that play jaded/
Within a record I chill the tepid temperatures they've created/
With their pitiful minimal efforts to make statements
I spit on em got em schillin out money to cover their late payments/
Cause they're way dated, these dumb motherfuckers have never paid dues, and believing that they've MADE it/
For as long as Im repping intelligent lyrics I figure I'll stay hated
But my mindframe is to Remain Patient/
With niggas posing about as hard as a stippers nipples on stage naked/
Yo, I can't take it, I'm keeping em plummeting toward the bottom like stocks that's daytraded/
Net-fiasco's, Get these asshole's Fates Tainted/
Got em flaming & relocating like Gay Vagrants/
Tonedeff's slays giants, as if my legal name's David/
What I say's Blatant, no apologies necessary to glaze the game blazing/
Touch overdubs or change the phrasing/
Lyrically maintaining/ my jugular vein's straining/
Tonedeff adds to the pressure with bass so deep it makes your brains cave in.
I'll break it down for the laymen, for the niggas that ain't acing basic training/
My rations got their trays swaying/
Galleries use my verses for Page framing/
Cause, hey I stay flagrant with lyrics nastier than Tammy Faye bathing/
Keep comp shook like charter plane when it's raining/
I stay phat on the underground like there was a buffet in the main bassment/
Sometimes I be slaying for entertainment/
Im outclassing motherfuckers, without even having to weigh in.

V2 (24)
No one's as gifted or as vigorously meticulous with a writtern scripture/
Or spits with this infinite syllablism that I've been equipped with/
Should I quit with the quick shit or pitch shift a negative 50% in an effort to get rich/
Or stick with the swiftness for the niggas that get this/
Even when I'm simplistic, I can be unbelievably cryptic/
The rhythm endures the physical force to split a tree with a discuss/
With the ease of a flicked wrist, your soul can be seized from a distance/
In an instant - by this Plague affiliate that's seething with sickness/
I seem to get listless with these kids when I see what they dismiss/
Cause anything missing a punchline'll get eased outta business/
Like delivery's not important! Rhythm and rhyme schemes are ignored it's horrid/
Son, if you can't flow - then become a comedian a ghost writer or poet/
If you ain't repping the artform then don't record it/
Heads are starving and fiending for an assortment of global proportions/
If you ain't feeding the scores of supporters, then you're hoarding/
And you're a whore that's killing your heritage like Lizzie Borden/
The dexterity I display scrambles your cells like you was a dizzy warden/
Committed to scoring more than a jiggy mormon/
With a diamond studded bible that bling-blings in the sunlight/
When I rhyme at full throttle, I'm titled "Supreme Being" when I come tight/
And these things are finally done right/
Like obscene scenes riding your slut wife/
Our extreme flings stifle your love life/
Stun like blunt strikes from a swung pipe someone was hiding from sight/
And exceed speeds of fire in gunfights.

V3 (16)
And you can bank on it! The playing odds'll stay solid/
If you remain brolic with name calling, leave with a ganked wallet/
I take solace in making profits like fake scholars/
That want you to waste dollars for paid knowledge in state college/
With great prowess, I face off with and shank cowards/
And waste all their debased followers, Break laws with a brave heart like the late Wallace/
I chase robbers, escaped convicts who rape songs and create garbage/
Embrace carnage, they ain't artists! Sample their flavor and you'll taste vomit!
[Gasp] I need a reminder to intake oxygen/
Space-Polymer Based oxidants.. Say hot shit, display confidence/
Hey audience! [BREATHE!!] Just wave arms till it's plain obvious/
Play God, and persuade crowds to behave honest and pay homage/
And pray thoughtlessly awful authors are marked for death like stained coffins/
I keep clean cause I bathe often and never illegally trade documents/
Hate-mongers, repent! Let me set it straight!
I'm the heavyweight, like long lines in front of a Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers!

The Heavyweight flow!
It's tonedeffinite - Everything goes/
Can you Play? NO!!
With Your Petty Stage Show
It's Tonedeffinite
Ready, Wait - GO!!
The Heavyweight Pro with the heavyweight flow!
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