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Loyal Lyrics

Tonedeff – Loyal Lyrics

Have you ever been betrayed? That shit's the worst hit of pain/
When somebody you loved can't look you in the face/
And have you ever had your heart torn out by somebody you thought was a friend/
And now your trust is worn down or bought to an end/

No pardons can mend it, when you're darkened within/
Fuck your cause & effect, it's a hard fate to take and your reasons don't soften the sin/
Your dogs can bark for you, but you gotta watch when you argue/
'Cause dogs will bite and snarl at you, just to remind you they're harmful/

I feel awful, I'm a mental case, shattered to pieces and I've got a palm full/
Past law school and beyond consol/
'Cause you've crossed the bar with me, farther than I've ever thought possible/
My choice is now mandatory and not optional/

Don't speak another sentence to me, ever mention me/
I don't exist, convince yourself you invented me/
You've committed the crime of the century/
And just cause loyalty ain't a trait you possess, Don't think that I'll lessen the penalty.

What's your name again? I know, I knew it 2 seconds ago/
But, I don't recognize this 2nd face, though to the 1st it's identical/
You were the type that I put on a pedestal. Your acts were commendable/
But the bond of friendship isn't impenetrable/

And inevitably the blunt force of ego proved lethal/
To a good person forced to wallow in the shit of evil people/
Fundamentally filled with avarice, a cheat from the soul/
Spending their lives to make sure that you ain't achieving your goals/

Unreasonable kings that want to see you jump through rings of fire
For their own amusement, holding nooses - hoping trees are higher/
So abusive towards you that truce just doesn't seem required/
'Cause, why play the game? When you can make the other team retire/

Strings are tirelessly pulled in your favor as you play the rumor creator,
Twisting words till they sound like statements you made up/
With a big grin you soak it all in, as former friends/
Go face to face with contradicting convictions/

Plots are thickening, cause you pitched in. You feel important, now?/
Must've been high as kite from snorting clouds/
Sorta proud of yourself, and the way you hold ya ground/
Distastefully wore the shroud, how's it feel to have puppets to order 'round/

But I saw through you, even before I found
How you would say 'no, beef', give me dap, and hit me with a quarter-pound/
Your loyalty's watered down, Bottled with a squirt cap/
But When the drama popped off, where the fuck were you to plug the cork back.

Men are as harsh, as women are vindictive/
Picking apart minutiae, On some bitch shit, kids all in your business/
Forget honesty, nowadays you'll be lucky find that quality/
In a drama oddessy where cats never react responsibly/

And I'm jostling with haters, hypocrites and hypochondriacs/
Abolishing their dated ignorance and fighting copycats/
And If I don't give my patience a rest/
I'll prolly take my anger to death, complaining about some pain in my chest/

Aged and distressed, thinking 'bout who just fucked me over - 20 years ago/
Amazing how pricks can miss your skin, yet pierce your soul/
But where's the line at? Like where does loyalty appear to fold/
And what do you OWE someone and just WHAT do you feel your owed/

But yo, you know when you've been done wrong, that numb calm,
A breech in the moral code's eternally portable/
The moral of the story's old even if it's poorly told/
Beware of cats that straddle fences like the chain-link rodeo.

I love you in a place where there's no space in time (And that's forever right?)
I love you for my life - you are a friend of mine (Only second to family)
I love you in a place where there's no space in time (Who really got your back)
I love you for my life - you are a friend of mine (How loyal are your friends, y'all?)
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