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TNT Lyrics

Tonedeff – TNT Lyrics

It's the marksman, armed with bars that scar from yards in
Foul-mouth Latino, the Dark-skin Cartman
Startling frauds, Skin 'em for probable cause
Spit and I topple the gods, gimme applause, when my part starts to resolve
Hearts'll dissolve because my love's acidic
I'm urgin a bum to mimmick this
surgical tongue precision I'll burn him for fuckin with it
Your sternum gets punched in and it's crushed to ribbons
I snuff these timid thugs in denim
with tons of gimmicks of drugs & women, I'm done beginning
I hunt for limits and I snipe 'em
Hung Mother Nature, from the family tree
now Father time thinks I don't like him
Let's try some Isometric points of view
Why do decrepit boys like you lie and profess their flow's improved?
When I be rippin' it better than any of you can - regularly
So, why don't you just give up?
Cause most of y'all niggaz will never get better than me
I'm indedbted to these cats like QN5 that set examples
With original flows, over these digital lows and snare samples
There's ample proof, we're hard to take
It's evident when cats tremble in our presence
like epileptics doing the Harlem Shake
Your ART is fake, and it's troubling, yo
There's kids who think the underground just started with Company Flow
Now we're stuck with these shows
With 14-year olds and poser herbs
Claiming their emcees, dropping their fumbled attempts at spoken word
Who don't deserve the recognition, but they'll take it
Cause when you had the chance and you didn't say embraced it
It's a basic truth, The Plague's the crew
We're that anxious group of tasteless dudes
that come to your show and can't wait to boo
Cause you overdo it, you feel me yet?
Rocking a doorag with a headband and a cap that was fitted for Timmy's head
You silly bitches, it's time for the detox
Copycat rappers act like you got stock options at Xerox
You're shocked like you never planned to get caught?
Ignorant dick, don't know if Neptunes a planet or not
Faggots! You're hot under the collar
like catholic fathers with they hands on their cocks
Asking a kid if he's a fan of the rock
I demand that you watch me, dismantle your block
See, I can't ever stop because man never thought
That he would develop a gift that would give him
an understanding as he was taught
We've amassed the assault
leave your ashes dissolved from burning
QN5 Motherfucker, Tonedeff is the name - learn it!
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