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24Hourmc Verse Lyrics

Tonedeff – 24Hourmc Verse Lyrics

24 Hours From Now, I'll be still around
Digging up potholes, then kill ya sound to fill the ground
My skill abounds over yours in comparison
Cause you square and It's embarrasing
You can talk to the hand like Mr. Garrison
Your strategy is to pass time
Figured that if I posted first, then you could get in the last line
Praying that you'll surpass mine, with a punchline and a crass rhyme
But I be Def with the language without the hand signs
I put em up and you can't climb the edifice
Cause I'm phatter than Cameron Manheim with the rhetoric
I'm a landmine to stepping degenerates
And I'm bettin I'm even better when edited
When it gets into repetetive doses
You'll be beggin' for more like I was a medical sedative
I'll pull your card and leave ya discredited
You see, my style is like a family reunion, because it's all relative
You're outta your element, in America with a peso
You can't deliver your own rhymes, like a pantomime at a stage show
You gonna need backup. coming up with another production
You're style is akin is to your site
You're whole flow is under construction
Been a cartoonist since birth
Since your sweating my records
Go check the package because I dissed you on the insert
You're better off as a comic
Cause Punchline artists get framed splattered
And hung like a painting from Jackson Pollack
So, crack your wallet, cause your raps are squalid
Cause you suck more than porn starlet's mouth
In a black hole with a vacuum on it
So, swallow it whole, nigga, pride & all
Show the same ignorance that made Master P decide to ball
And actually since your stal I'll win with apathy
Cause I'm a threat veiled as your teacher like the aliens in the faculty
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