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Give A Damn Lyrics

Tonedeff – Give A Damn Lyrics

I don't 'give a damn'
When motherfuckers claim that they're nice, and I don't 'give a damn'
About the record deal that you signed and I don't 'give a damn'
Bout chart positions paid for a price, and I don't 'give a damn'
About all of your media hype and I don't 'give a damn'
If your publicist got betta connects and I don't 'give a damn'
About the fuckin the spot that you rep and I don't 'give a damn'
If you roll 50 deep for respect and I don't 'give a damn'
I really don't 'give a damn' bitch

Gimme this microphone, and stand clear
As I tear into this bitch like I fucked up a papsmear
Cat's stear outta my way and split as I switch to my fast gear
The fact's clear Rappers, they act queer, lappin' up ass hair
Yappin like "That's fierce", Man, I'm agasp here
Saddened by acts whose only buzz was gotten from 50 glasses of Pabst beer
Man, I'm stacked like I jacked Sears
After I smack you with brass bats, mallets and stacked chairs
Tou can ask me if that's fair
You repeated the deeds you seen after me last year
Cheated with theivery, greed and misleading tactics, that've actually
matched rare & elusive elements of my steez
very conclusive evidence leading me back here
So I pillage like Black Beard
Hands near your bitch's brazier, until her nipples stand air
And hit some frequencies you can't hear without a bat's ear
And that serious, mad furious, amped, scary, and brash, sneering
and every fucking adjective that'll push you past fear
My wrath spares artisans who practice the craft with tact, whereas
You would never to my standards adhere
Shit, I had to hire an accountant and a cashier
Cause Tonedeff, got so many hoes riding the dick
that I'm charging 'em cab fare
And while I tap rears, rappers amass tears
As they learn how to play the skin flute
while rockin the box set from Zamphyr
With a fat kielbasa to grasp, yeah..
You bout as hip as them pink pajamas your dad wears...
laugh at your wack pair
(Bitch, I don't)


For pete's sake, I'm grief laden, need faith
Keep saying, "He's fake," when you sound commercial, like "You Can Eat Cake"
Now Please face the other town - leave..great
Beef? Hey, you wig gets pushed back more than underground released dates
Your teamplay's what we say's an exercise in simplicity
You cry whenever you miss a rerun of Felicity
You sweet as crispy crème, the media feeds you a glitzy Dream
Been taken advantage of like Giddy Teens with 50 Whisky Drinks
I'm nifty with these things. Top pick
Tonedeff : The wide receiver with elastic arms...son, you know I got this
I constantly knock shit, not superstitious
but that's part of the process, I dine, you do the dishes
Now, it's obvious right kid? Calls in tonite? Then
It's prolly your wife, so just pardon me right quick
You're hardly a fight, bitch/ Sorry? Now bite this
I'm as awnry as bikers with harleys and pipes gripped
You nice kid? You're part of the crisis..worse than a biter
You're a wack rapper's cock rider
in spite of lying, Even your stage show's disgraceful
See, you're that one nigga that's on the cell at the movies
cause whole the audience hates you
See, your folly is painful to watch, You're out for pussy?
Just stuff your face in your crotch, gargle and toss your cookies
I'm harmful to lots of persons far & near
Lace verse with so many curses that my clean versions sound like 'Paul Revere'
Now don't stall and tell me the public's got the true taste
Cause if they like you, they're dumb enough to eat a blue steak
Fuck the debate of who's real & who's fake! Cause when I'm all in your grill
Son...I really won't kill you, but you'll swear to god that I will
So just gimme a beat and a time and a place
If you hid in retreat
then I'll find you where you stay with a team of divers, grenades
And claws equipped. Nobody even bought your shit
Cause you're the type that went to an all boy school
and everybody still called you a dick

[Final Chorus]
I don't 'give a damn'
About the verse you wrote to battle me, and I don't 'give a damn'
If your jealousy makes you mad at me and I don't 'give a damn'
If you rap cause your peoples have to eat, and I don't 'give a damn'
You ain't grown out your hood mentality and I don't 'give a damn'
If you got 97inch rims and I don't 'give a damn'
About your fashion victim ass friends and I don't 'give a damn'
About all of these 5-minute trends and I don't 'give a damn'
about you I really don't 'give a damn'

Oh, word? You did time? So What
Oh Shit, he's producing it? So What
Oh Shit, he signing with who? So What
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