A time of war - a fight for hell
Screams of the fallen abound
Swords clash and bodies flail
As bones are crushed with our steel
Battle axes, impaling spears
In a whirlwind of impending doom
A mortal wound, a last gasping breath
In sickening pain they fall to the ground

Blistered skin, burning flesh
Melting the meat from the smoldering bones
Tormented soul, writhing in hell
Raging flames, unholy pyre
Scorch to ash the charred remnants
Burning corpses, rotting in hell

Broken shields, battered men
Bodies falling like rain
Frozen ground thawed by blood
For the glory of satan we kill
Bloodthirsty battle cries for face-ripping, gut-spilling war
Slaughtering storm of death goes on,
And the jaws of hell await

Rot in Satan's holy fire
Burn in blasphemy, burn eternally
The fallen souls of Christ cry out in pain so violently
Rise infernal flames and burn, burn with fucking hate
Rot in hellish misery and face the ripping evil that torments eternally
Hear the tortured souls cry out in pain so violently
Forever, forever rotting in hell.
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Rotting In Hell Lyrics

Thy Infernal – Rotting In Hell Lyrics