Behold, Great Spirit of hell!
Godless glory of unhallowed pride awaits
Mighty sons of Satan unite beneath this
Midwinter night sky
And until eternity ends we'll know not the sins
Of the crucified one

We curse savage blasphemies
Divine we shall bring death to
The heaven's lord
And cult of the enslaved
Eternal war we wage in the shadows of
Baphomet's horns
Horns of vengeance, lust
And conquering might

Like fire that burns in the abyss
Hell's fire burn black our satanic fucking souls
As fists thrust toward the sky
We shout infernal praise

Hail fucking satanas

Lust for bloodshed
Lust for warfare
Lust for total fucking armageddon

Hordes of the horned arise!
Spread your black wings of fear and hate
And destroy the feeble sons of Christ

Our immortal satanic spirit
Shall never die

"Hail Satan, our honor is for you".
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Immortal Satanic Spirit Lyrics

Thy Infernal – Immortal Satanic Spirit Lyrics