On the eve of the apocalypse war - the earth glows grimly in the light of the moon
Wolves begin howling to the cod winters night
Hungry for the carnage and bloodshed left by the death storm

Warlords of hell - like the words prophesized
Descending on the black battle steed from blood red dripping skies
With weapons in hand, spreading death across the land
Spilling the blood of everything not controlled by Satan's hand
With war, death, famine and disease - the might of armageddon shall bring the world to it's knees
Exterminating scores with serrated bladed swords
The horsemen battle on, raping and killing all

With tumultuous fury and a monstrous stride
Warriors upon horses forge onward trampling bodies, crushing their bones
Storming through mountains of corpses - with blood drenched armor and thundering hooves
Snorting in grim ecstasy the horsemen charge on in a whirlwind of metal
Merciless storm of demise - the Warlords of Hell!
The warlords of hell!

A dismembering orgy of bloodshed and pain bestowed upon humanity
Pounding warhammers and sharpened steel blades
From which no life can escape - severing limbs, torsos and heads
Frenzied weapons lacerate drowning the earth in a great sea of blood - only to kill again
The warlords of hell

Massacre, total war - ripping and tearing apart - limb from limb, flesh from fucking bone
The gods of war attack - scourge of evil horde
Horde of death, hell and hate - consecrating the genocide
With human blood and demonic storming wrath - Satan's warriors attack
Strike of the fucking beast

There is no escape from the reaper's blade - when Satan's warriors attack
Feel the steel rip though your flesh - and die - by the warlords of hell

Charging, rampaging legions slaughtered by our storm
One by one, ten by ten, falling to the ground - swords and steel stained crimson red
Shining in the fires light - corpses being set ablaze,
The pyres will be burning tonight!
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Warlords Of Hell Lyrics

Thy Infernal – Warlords Of Hell Lyrics