Cold, the winds that blow on this night
Like the breath of the reaper
Call me, guide my way on through the dead of night
Night of death
Take me, show me the glory of pain endured for my master
As I wander through the frozen snow
I call to thee, darkness, hate and cold misery
Possess me, consume my grim soul
So I shall be one with the horned lord below
Lord Satan
Grant me the raging wrath of hell
For tonight the full moon shines
And the lord of hell shall take the sacrifice

Night of evil, night of my last offering
My life, my dark existence
Now stains the snow as my limbs are desecrated for you
Master, under the full moon sky I die with grim delight in my eyes
Lord Satanas take the sacrifice

As my funeral pyre burns into the night
And the wolves howl grimly to the sky
The return of the Antichrist son
Shall bring fear to the pearly gates of heaven high
And our master's wrath will strike the angels down
Open the gates and sent thy demons forth
Son of satan spread your wings on this evil night

Beneath the moon of suicide
Reborn in hell
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Night Of The Full Moon Lyrics

Thy Infernal – Night Of The Full Moon Lyrics