Rise unholy one
Come forth in all your splendor
Unleash your fucking vengeance
Upon the man of god
Raise the mighty sword
Bring death unto the Christian
Dethrone the bastard son
Bestow your doom upon the Earth

Triumphant immolation
Rape this world of sacred life
Jehovah's fucking children shall be rendered
Limb for limb
Merciless Lord Satan
The glory shall usurp the light
Behold the fall of god
Death shall be their salvation

Endure the fury of Lord Satan's Wrath
Pain and suffering shall torment thee eternally
See Jehovah's golden kingdom perish in
Hell's flames
Bear witness to the devastating
Storm of Satan's hate

Raise upon the dawning of the new age
Rise upon of a blackening storm
Hatred surges through his demonwings
Triumph of the Ancient One
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Satan's Wrath Lyrics

Thy Infernal – Satan's Wrath Lyrics