Upon this foul land of Jehovah
We are the wolves among the sheep
Triumphantly we stand defiant for him
Bearing the marks of our master
We are an abomination of god

The temples of god that burned so violently
Yet shall burn eternally
For the glory of Satan

Hail mighty Satanas!
Lead us in battle, guide our great swords in war!

When the sons of the Nazarene
Are raped of their dreams of heaven
And their holy lord
Is slain upon his throne of gold
Behold the triumphant of the horned one
And the kingdom of god shall see
The crowning of our unholy king

For the glory of Satan, Hell's fires ablaze
Sendin their ashes to heaven
For the glory of Satan, we malevolently kill
Storming the land in a blitzkrieg
Of fire and steel

And for endless millenniums we shall glorify
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For The Glory Of Satan Lyrics

Thy Infernal – For The Glory Of Satan Lyrics