I heard you fighting with your girl this afternoon
As I sat there drinking in the corner of the room.
She said that it's over and she wanted you to leave
You said see ya later and and that finally you can breathe.
I know you won't go
I know she don't know

You stand in the road and watch the headlights like a couple of deer
Staring at the brightness til the truck's driven over and through ya.
You say where you're going, yet you don't know where you're at
There ain't no direction 'til you're recognising that.
You can't make a path that won't leave an aftermath
Unless you see where you stand, and it don't make you a man
To be like that.

You told her you love her and that you're always on her side
And marriage is for you and there is no other bride
She's got what it takes to leave your heart in peacefulness
And ever since you met her it appears your life is blessed
I know the whole show
You and I both know

You head for destruction when you think about what she means to ya.
The anger and rage when the adrenalin's pumping right through ya.
The times that we don't see are really where it's at
There's no moving forward if you aren't controlling that.
These unfair decisions seem to dominate your life
And if she was your wife well your marriage won't stand
If you're like that.

Get some direction, start to show some affection
You should drown her in love and also be her protection
Even the king of the world isn't king of his girl
She's always his queen and there's no in between
About that

There is no excuse you've got a lot on your plate
And fix very quickly how you think of your mate
Actions are louder than the words it is true
But the mouth just speaks what the heart tells it to
I hope the best though
Just let your love grow

You'll see the reaction of what true love can do to ya
And notice the actions of what good things can come through ya
You'll reach a pinnacle of being a man
A man you are proud of and happy to stand
Before adversity as one who's been tried and survived
And there's nothing greater than that.
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To Be Like That Lyrics

Speirosmusic – To Be Like That Lyrics