His stare was long, his eyes were dark
And hard without refrain
Mad sadistic masochist
That night he'd lost his brain.
He took the gun he grabbed the knife
He thought of who to maim
For taking all his happiness
And leaving him with pain.

And noone loved her more than he
Him with her and her with he
No better couple could there be
He'll kill for her quite happily
And tonight he says “I love you”

Like fire from his eyes
He shot out flames from what he saw.
Never would he come to terms
Of being with her no more.
He followed them right to their house
And watched them lock the door,
Then pondered how he's show his love
Was stronger than before.


That night he slipped around the back
Removed the bathroom slats.
The window opened silently
Just purring of the cats.
His enemy the gun he made
A promise that they'd part
By shooting through his eyeball
With the knife to prise his heart.


She woke up with a scream of terror
Trembled to her knees
His eyes were focussed on his task
His ears ignored her pleas.
He cut a little piece of him and
Ate it while she cried
And two more bullets from his gun
Made sure that they both died

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He Says "I Love You" Lyrics

Speirosmusic – He Says "I Love You" Lyrics