I wonder what you'd do if you know that I see you
When looking out my window
I wonder if you'd stay or if you'd go away
If you knew it's me that's there.
I wonder if you'd care some tranquil nights to share
While talking over dinner
I wonder what you'd think if I bought that second drink
And told you of my dreams

I wonder if you'd stay
Or if you'd go away
Now that I've got just about all of your attention
Just wondering
Just wondering

I wonder where we'd be after say a year or three
If I took the chance to greet you.
I wonder how we'd fit now that I come to think of it
If we became a pair.
I wonder if we'd last, if we'd really have a blast
While we're going out together.
I wonder what we'd find as we learn each others mind
And the differences learn.


Every morning at eight
I want to be well awake
For the smile that you give
Causes others to live.
When you alight on that bus
During mid-morning rush
I hope to see you there.

I wonder how I'll go when I meet you to morr ow
When I catch the same bus with you.
I'll sit there at the stop and before the bus you hop
On, I'll play to you this song.
I'll let you know I'm there and I'll let you know I care
Although yet you haven't met me.
But I see the way you treat all the people that you meet
And I see that you are kind.

Ch x 2)
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Just Wondering Lyrics

Speirosmusic – Just Wondering Lyrics