Ya got ya hot boots burnin
My eyes a got a yearnin
My heart's determined
To learn what you've been learnin
Got a hot shot plot
To give everything I got
To get our bodies to rock
Ain't ever gonna stop

You put the heat on me
You put the heat on me
You're the fuel to my fire
Burnin up with desire
You put the heat on me
And thought I might go down in flames
I'm gonna give it a try.

As the band rocks the rhythm
The whole floor's movin with 'em
Watch the arms flap, fingers tap
Hips shake and bodies slap.
We're moving as one
Screamin words of the song
Our eyes meet, I smile sweet
And mission complete.


I have a drink at the bar
Look over, there you are.
And you're lookin at me
Like I'm the only thing you see.
You start heading this way
I try to think of what to say
And fast as lightning and thunder
You ask me for my number.

Ch x 2)
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You Put The Heat On Me Lyrics

Speirosmusic – You Put The Heat On Me Lyrics