I'm going across the other side of Australia
I've got my guitar, not my ukelele ya
Gimme your house and a postcard I'll mail ya
I might not have much but I'm not a failure

I'll see whats there for me

I wanna get away from the rum and the rabble
So I bought me a ticket on a train to travel
On the Indian Pacific though she might derail ya
Wouldn't understand though I try to tell ya

These things they happen to me

I'm gonna make a path 'cross the Nullabor Plain
Straight is the track that is cut by the train.
The longest straightest piece of track in the earth
And at the end of my journey I'll end up in Perth

I'll make a life for me

If you wanna come along, well get a ticket, say hi
Bring a bit of water cos the desert is dry
We'll look at the side of the country unknown
And settle eventually, make it our home.

A life unknown to me.
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Travelling Song Lyrics

Speirosmusic – Travelling Song Lyrics