“These sheep are so dumb” said the shearer to me
“They don't keep in place where I want them to be.”
He struck at their head, and reefed them up near
And after the shearing they ran off in fear.

I thought of the drover and his choice of mind
With dogs and a stick he propels from behind.
He drives them to fields where he wants them to be
The objects of meat and wool sold for a fee.

Ch x 2)
Poor lost sheep they don't know which way
They're born in a world which revolves around pay
For all their existence exploited each day
Then loaded on stock crates and carted away.

Before he was king, he shepherded sheep
His life on the line for their lives to keep
And when I think deeply tears roll down my cheek
For braveness in silence, King David was meek

He fought off the lion, and snatched from it's teeth
His sheer aim and focus was care for his sheep
He took on the bear, and the bear he did slay
And peaceful their sleep when at night time they'd lay.

Ch x 2)
Poor lost sheep, they wouldn't have known
A way to protect themselves from the unknown
But David he shepherded them brought them all home
So none of them wandered, abandoned alone.

Now Jesus he came at his father's request
To die for the worst of us, God sent his best.
He looked all around at the mass of mankind
The words were recorded of what he did find.

“Sheep without shepherd, skinned, tossed about”
Extorting lenders his whip drove them out
Misusing God's temple to fleece off the sheep
But all God's commandment's he'd carefully keep.

Poor lost sheep, our saviour's here.
He's paid with his blood such a high price, so dear.
The lamb that was sacrificed paid for our sins
And life everlasting for us it can bring.

Poor lost sheep, just follow in kind
A load off your shoulders, refreshment you'll find
He's broken the abattoir gates for all time
Listen and life-everlasting you'll find.
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Poor Lost Sheep Lyrics

Speirosmusic – Poor Lost Sheep Lyrics