Here comes another one, just like the other one
Dada, dada, da da, another
Day of suffering and internal toughening
Trying to cope by mentally buffering

It’s burnt in my memory, you don’t know the brevity
The journey I’ve had to see makes me be-
Lieve I’ll never be a footprint in history.
Lifes purpose, one painful mystery.

I’m just the path that you tread down
Face flattened, trod into the ground.
Ah, what am I doing?!

Poor nations work and die, nobody questions why
They make the things we buy cheaper than we could
Make, oh, understand, we misuse the poorer lands
Health standards lack with income in demand.

The rich people fill their banks, their armies, they fill the ranks.
The poor people please and thanks, gratefully sharing
Morsels that are left, the rich gobble down the best,
Sharing a bit of waste, as long as it’s to their taste.

They say, “Vote for me, I’m your man!”
But they’re just filling their own hands.
I wait for the new day.

You wonder why,
You wonder why I
Say these things I sing in my song to you
I’m showing the path is wrong, well I’m trying to.

To all people everywhere, but not to the ones who care
About how their neighbours fare, I aim this verse and say
“Thank you for the things that are taught by you.
The way to treat others, how not to do.”

Keep on in living out your days.
If you’re determined in your ways.
The world keeps on turning.
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Thankyou To The World Lyrics

Speirosmusic – Thankyou To The World Lyrics