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K.O.D. (King Of Diamonds) Lyrics

SpaceGhostPurrp – K.O.D. (King Of Diamonds) Lyrics

[Verse 1: Yung Simmie]
I'm crazy mane', I love money
I chill with bad hoes and they say that they love me
I really do the things, I'm a mack in your presence
Simmie got the semi but I got the MAC-11
Send his ass to heaven, I'm tired of the games
Swerve in the lane, I'm just tryna' get the change
Red eye show, I been blowing on dro
Woke up this morning to a, different ho
Smell of different smoke when the Raiders at your door
Coming for your throat, it's murder that she wrote
Off the top with it, I'm on your block with it
Try me like a duck, then I bet you get drop with it
Pop pop with it

[Verse 2: Dough Dough]
Bang bang B.R.K., make your brains hang
Deep like Wu-Tang, bout anything
Whisper in your ho ear, like I'm Ying Yang
Stick dick in your mama like I'm ving rhames
Tear the pussy up, now the bed got blood stains
She ain't say stop, the ho must love pain
She won't stop calling me, I feel like Lil Zane
She must not know I'mma pimp with no cane
And my game is the put away rain
Them other niggas lames on that prostitute flames
It's Free Max B cause all I do is gain green
Plus my team got a way that the world never seen
If I wasn't rapper my name would me Mr. Clean
Posted on 31, with a ? D.P.'s
Sticking to myself, cause nigga I'm a G
And I don't want no fuck niggas hanging round me
One hundred

[Verse 3: Xavier Wulf]
Yeah ho, yeah ho
Move cause I said so
I'm a young nigga but I learned how to work the scope
Granddaddy gave it to me just because he had an extra
He told me pull it if a nigga ever get to pressing
Niggas acting hard but I'm tryna' make it clearer
You is not a G, fuck nigga find a mirror
Do a show in my city, ho I bet you won't
And if you think you tough and do, bitch you gon' get caught
Bitch I'm where I be as a motherfucking boss
Send 'em out to Memphis if you need a nigga lost
First 48, don't even wanna bother
Folks get mad when they see me walking
Folks be getting slapped but it's shit they be talking
Niggas wanna play, till it's time to point the object
Just because I tweet don't mean I won't lose it
The 2.7.5. be the reason I be moving

[Verse 4: Chris Travis]
Now why the fuck these niggas playing, they know I don't fuck around
Yeah bitch I got them bars, throwing pussies, touchdown
Pick his pussy ass up, then drag his ass down
Bury 'em in cement, welcome to the underground
Bitch shut the fuck up, please don't make a sound
I'ma have to get my flock cause yeah they love that gun sound
I don't try to be violent, I'm just misunderstood
But you better understand I keep that chrome under my wood
Chris motherfucking Travis mind fucking all you fools
Young nigga, big dick, with a bad attitude
So just know I don't give a fuck about him, her, or you
I'm just tryna' get this sack off to the next dude
Let a real nigga speak, boy you better keep your cool
Got your bitch sending me pictures, bet the motherfuckers knew
Fuck your boyfriend bitch, bet that nigga ain't who?
Chris goddamn Travis bitch, fuck it no lube

[Verse 5: SpaceGhostPurrp]
Getting this money, fucking these hoes
Coming with the phonk, selling out shows
Pussy niggas hate, I bust them in the face
Gotta kill a snake, fuck you if you fake
Her ass got cake, she wetter than a lake
I fuck the pussy great, I make her legs shake
Bitch I'm from the state, where they'll make you lay
Thinking it's a game, your mama better pray
I got ice, for a top notch price
Got a top notch bitch, who sure don't fight
She love my dick, and she suck dick nice
She got pink 45, and she can aim right
My flow so tight, better ask your wife
How she play with her twice, to my voice last night
You hating on me, then you gotta die tonight
I don't trust no niggas, cause I got one life
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