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Swervin Lyrics

SpaceGhostPurrp – Swervin Lyrics

[Hook x2]
You know we be swervin', swervin'
Down south swervin', swervin'
Cadillac swervin', swervin'
Paint wetter then a virgin, virgin

[Verse 1]
Rolling clean with a light skinned biscuit
Pretty face, fat ass, and she suck dick
On the passenger side as a nigga ride
Seven-two, black ? , purple inside
Riding slow, like I'm 'bout to commit a homicide
Riding fast, like I just did a Hoo Ride
Two twelves beating hard, bumping Do Or Die
I'mma be a fucking mack till the day I die
Chevy clean on deuces, and number six
Black tint, same color as the locc's bitch
Picking up your main bitch, so we can roll
And have a threesome with that light skinned, big booty ho
And when I'm done, I'mma hit up K.O.D
It's all good cause that nigga had a hard week
You know my name, it's M.J. and S.G.P
But you can call a nigga ice, cause I'm cool G

[Hook x4]

[Verse 2]
Now it's a new day
I wake up with two ho's, "Ménage à trois" three ways
Then I get a phone call
My young nigga Simmie, got into it up at the mall
So I hop up in my Chevy
And pick up my niggas, in case they rolling heavy
Pulled up five deep
Hopped out that Chevy, and stomped their ass to sleep
Crackers called the police
Got back in the Chevy, cause Simmie could follow my lead
Headed back to the spot
Swerving through lanes, so I won't have to fuck with a cop
No I ain't Big Sean but I'm known off one thing
Bitch, you know a nigga love to swerve mane'

[Hook x4]
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