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Legend Of The East Pyramids Lyrics

SpaceGhostPurrp – Legend Of The East Pyramids Lyrics

[VERSE 1: SpaceGhostPurrp]
The style of the scorpion
From the temples of the pyramids
All black [?] in the northern
Drugs I'm recording
Crystal meth's in my lyrics
They hear it, now they wanna snort it
Heartbreaking asshole
As I strike back, finna crack
After that, I'mma snatch souls
Super Bowl gold
Mind of a pharoah
Son of Ra
Black-winged cape sparrow
Legend of the East Pyramids
Mentally control your whole brain, watch your kids
I am not a member of the human race
I barely even see your face
As the style in my rhymes switch 37 times
My polynice increase to 80 crimes
My voice gets stuck in they head like 40 chimes
I killed Scarface, now the world is mine

It's the Raider Klan and we in this motherfucker like this
You know, the young Klan
The young asshole-minded motherfuckers
Coming through with the motherfucking banger. bitch
And you already know it's me, SGP, the motherfucking young god
Son of Ra, motherfucker
Suck my dick, stupid ass bitch
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