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Goth Season Lyrics

SpaceGhostPurrp – Goth Season Lyrics

We counting all these blue hunneds
Y'all niggas know what time it is, man
You know, we pulled up in that bih
Ayy, Ferraris
Hopped out, piped up
Taliban, yah
Goth Season, yah

Shout out to my nigga Doe, he just got out
Yah, yah, he got clout
CHXPO and Kray, them my partners, aye
Getting money, yah, I'm so proper
I feel like a cracker, the way my swag be on point
Purrpy nigga, come through, smoke a joint
Like Bob Marley, stay down low lonely
Hella loud, fuck Rolling Loud
Shoot up Rolling Loud with a fucking pistol
Dark side, Grim Reaper with the pistol
No talking, just pulling up, wet you
Shoot your tour bus up, nigga, I won't forget you
See that nigga, kill that nigga and they partner
You already know, shout out to Opa-locka
Shout out to the city and the sun
Zone 4 to Zone 3, what is up?
Zone 1, Westside up, Atla-anta
You already know, delivers just like Santa
Ayy, money coming up
Ayy, I don't give a fuck
Count it, count it, count it, count it, count it
Count it, count it, count it, count it, count it
Ayy, ayy, ayy, she popping pussy for me
Ayy, and you know I just
Count it, count it, count it, count it, ayy
Count it, count it, count it, count it, ayy
Big money up, got big money up
Send that money up, yeah you know I like to
Count it, big big stacks, big dough
And you know I'ma fucking big dog
Swag is ahead of time, ahead of fucking time
Blackland 2, yeah, you know it's
My fucking time to shit on y'all
Shit on my haters, I ball
Bitch, I'm doing me, I stay doing me
All these bitches love me, yeah, they want me
Suck my dick, bitch, she hella thot
Pull up in a mansion in a foreign whip
I'ma real nigga, man, I'ma drill nigga
R.I.P. to Pimp C, that's a real nigga
Took over the game, six years
You already know the [?], ayy
I'ma real nigga, yeah, I'ma real nigga, ayy
I don't give a fuck, getting money, I
Count it, count it, count it, count it, throw it back
Throw it back, count it, yeah, I'm the man
Disrespect me, I'll have you on the news
Yeah, I'll knock you out your shoes, ayy
Got the K on me, strapped like the Taliban, ayy
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