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Rep FLA (Flawda) Lyrics

SpaceGhostPurrp – Rep FLA (Flawda) Lyrics

[Hook x4]
I rep F.L.A., (F.L.A. bitch)
I rep F.L.A

[Verse 1]
I rep for my squad
B.R.K., we going hard
You know just how we do
Putting on for my crew
You know we in this thing
We 'bout to make it rain
I rock, I go insane
Yo bitch gon' scream my name
We shutting down the club
Them bitches fell in love
My niggas got the clout
They live the life they 'bout
I'm riding on that chrome
I'm 'finna take her home
She wet from my cologne
She bad, and she a shone


[Verse 2]
Bitch we be going ham
Bitch we don't give a damn
These bitches loving me
They want to be with me
We stack the money tall
Then spend it in the mall
Fucked up from alcohol
She got me on the wall
My head down on your hips
Pussy pop, she make it dip
I went back to her crib
Then watched the way she stripped
Yeah, I be going hard
My ice got all the stars
B.R.K., we off the chain
Two twelve's up in the car

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