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The One Lyrics

SpaceGhostPurrp – The One Lyrics

Free Doe gang
Free Doe gang, fuck nigga

[Hook x4]
I am the one you niggas look up to
I am the one these bitches gon' cuff to

What's up with all these bitches thinking that a nigga gon' chase her
Cause they know they bad as fuck but they still can't make no paper
I hate the
Way a bitch be acting when she faking
Don't be around when I'm down but be only when I'm making
Mistake it
Me for these lame ass niggas talking 'bout, buy you this
I don't fuck with gold diggers
You're a goofy ass bitch, where the fuck is your figures
You're a bougie ass bitch who belong with broke niggas
See I fuck with real bitches, keeping it real with a nigga
And they keep they own money never switching on a nigga
These niggas looking up to me
I know just why they bitter yeah
They're scared to admit it cause they don't know real niggas
What can I say? I'm a playa ass nigga
Why you gossip like a bitch
I'mma beat your ass nigga
Talking 'bout I ain't got bars but I got xan's nigga
Gave it to your main bitch then she gave me head nigga

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