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Intro (Rare) Lyrics

SpaceGhostPurrp – Intro (Rare) Lyrics

Space shit, space ship, bitch, fuck relationships
Space swag, NASA gang, all black space whip
Red diamonds on my neck, same color planet Mars
Yeah niggas, spaced out, so I call my diamonds stars
My flow is no gravity, so I ain't got time for bars
Doobie got me floatin' bitch, I ain't got time for cars
If I see a bad bitch, gotta show the hoe the cash
Bitches hate broke lame niggas, so they hold my swag
Mack shit, pimp shit, all these hoes ain't shit
Got to think about money, can't think with my dick
Trap niggas sell ya bricks, real bitches sell pills
Chopper make 'em run fast like they on a treadmill
Young nigga 19 I'm still off a punchline
City of Miami where they bang hard like drumlines
Burst .48, niggas snitchin' to the [?]
Rest in peace Jitt, yeah you only live one time


You know what's happenin' Spaceghostpurrp, in this motherfucker
This the mixtape, nigga
Shoutout to all my niggas my niggas, in their hood, nigga you know what im saying, know what I'm sayin
Real niggas be like "Ay, Spaceghostpurrp be 'tarded as fuck, but that boy be goin' in though"
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