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Surgeryman Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Surgeryman Lyrics

Paging Dr. Ross and Dr. Baker
It's a code 180 somethin-or-other and I already prepped the patient
Now let's see if you can save him

[Verse 1: Rozz Dyliams]
Hoes comin' in. They ain't goin' out
I don't throw em out, it's like the Sowell house
You mighta heard about me, via word of mouth
They call me surgeryman. I live on murder mountain
You are not fuckin' with Dylan when the doctor buggin'
I love to watch the line go flat when you stop strugglin'
Rozz keep hustlin' so I don't stop buzzin'
Heard ya had a wire so I had to get my wire cutters
Damn I feel just like Alexander O'Neal cause I can't figure out what I feel and I gotta feeling like no other
But what I feel for the moment is deeper than hatred a fascination with dissection and slicing you like some butter-You cannot take my spot
I shoot your mama in the head to make my point and then I hit you up for all you got
I'm bout to cut you up and make you watch . When I cut you tell me if you think it feel just like the razors hot
I hit the man from the bakery shop to help with the mess from the cause of death , you know that post operation slop
Doctor Dylan sippin the blue bottle of bombizzle
Penthouse residency up in my hospital

I do the surgery as dirty as I possibly can
Code red . Situation helly
I got special instructions on bleeding you out like a Jewish deli
We're losin him
We're losin him
We're losin him
We lost him

[Verse 2: Eddy Baker]
Doctor Baker bitch
Came in hockey mask on some Jason shit
Live from the dark side u should take a trip
Posted up in my lair I just smoke n' sip
Boy u just another victim u another lick
Lookin' like the mafia when we crowd in the VIP
One phone call can get cho ass fucking hit
Put you in the black bag, all u hear is zip
Niggas hootin' and they hollerin' I'm tired of it
Pussy boys run up get put down so violent
When my enemies crying I play violins
If u try to plot on me u should try again
Niggas try to mess with me now they dying man
Hell spawn throw a nigga in the fire pit
I'm mixing uppers with my downers, I love opposites
I'm a real criminal, fuck a copper bitch
Me and Dylan operating on another bitch

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