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Bass Go Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Bass Go Lyrics

[Verse 1: Rozz Dyliams]
Handzum deity from the O-H
Rozz turn a hot head into a cold case
Beating up the block with the trunk fulla bass
And my lungs filled up with indica to keep me in my place
I smoke a hundred joints when I wake up
I make a pot of coffee then I smoke a hundred more to stay up
I been going dumb like it's my nature
All I wanna do is sacrifice the vapor of the rice paper
Rozz take the finest tone
Put her on tha track and make a toast
I wouldn't even give her
Anything more than a half a bite of government cheese at the most
Dylan got game like wizards of the coast
Young Jake Jeckel with the flame let em roast
Anybody ever wanna go and make another threat at me or anybody that I'm with me will get chose
Plucked off in the map in the race
Dylan never gotta put the millimeter in they face
Walking in-between the rows of the cornstalk state thats me R O Double Z from the O-H
I don't give a fuck about anything other than achieving everything I want cause everybody said I can't
I don't give a damn about anything other than the knowledge of divinity inspired by the weed grams

Early mornin' making dough
Let the fucking bass go
Got my rizla 8 rolled
Smoking till my face cold
R O Double Z tell em let the fucking bass go
You like low bass notes, Jay Splash made those [x2]

[Verse 2: Rozz Dyliams]
Ah yes just like you I do prefer a funky bass tone
Dylan still murderin with our lock alternative draped all over my frame ho
Young Jake with the frown and the flame ho
I do not have any anger
But as soon as I step in the place everything in my vicinity is in danger
Bitch if you wanted to get you a lesson in pimpin' hit me on my pager
Then I'll put your face in the dirt and hit it from the back
So hard when I'm done you'll be a hater
All I wanna do is smoke in solitude
Until I vanish and no one can find me as I decay into nature
Rozz ain't got time for human nature
I do not have any time to dedicate to any distractions from my paper
Thats why I can do what I do at the rate that I do it and you can not fathom
And I do not have any coked out illusions related to rappin' bout shit that won't happen
R-O-Z-Z tell em its just my nature
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