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Galeforce Beach Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Galeforce Beach Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Money coming in real quick on the wind of the Galeforce Beach
All I want to do is experience all the love that my heart couldn't reach
Reach up for the heavens if you really down to ride with the tide when it sweep
Try to get my attention with a certain sense of urgency, but I'll be asleep
Looking all around for me in the underground, but I'm underneath
I'm on the creep, going deep
The mission: to keep eyes off me
The Poseidon in me capsize everything if I don't like what I see
I'm an elite kind of breed, cut you down if you try to compete
Causing havoc to the coastline like there was a sign of the beast
Rozz make 'em cry on the sheets so they drown when I rise and release
Highlight and delete
You don't know me, let alone how I know me
Getting to the money at a rate of over 45 knots that's an ideal nice good speed (nice good deeds)

I got all dressed up to get lost at sea
Galeforce Wind came and raptured me
Put me right where I need to be
Wash me up on Galeforce Beach
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