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Violent Disaster Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Violent Disaster Lyrics

She said she doesn't use canvas
She's a life artists
I said I don't derive from culture
I'm a white artist
I take things exactly as they are
In front of me
So if I want honey murder the honey bee
Honey please
I'm not trying to be quiet and subtle
I'm just tryna start a full scale riot and cuddle
So stop acting Like you follow what I'm speaking
When I overdose I'll let you wallow in my seepage
Every single weekend I am trying to stay sane
By looking in the bathroom mirror and lying to my face
I guess it happens every time that you choose
To play the card of being A winner
And lose
I'm apathetic but I'm calm and collected
I'm cranky and depressive as if it was not expected
She was a fan of rap language and the fine arts
Ona when I decided to give her my heart
I ripped it right off of my sleeve where I was wearing it
She put it in the garbage disposal and didn't care a bit
Later that night
I cried till I dozed off
Don't try calling me cause my phones off
Cause I don't really have any where that I need to go
And I don't really have any secrets you need to know
And I don't really have any secrets I need to know
Cause I already know that my soul is deep in a six feet hole
Yet I'm trudging through the garden of Eden
My belly full of fruit I get from every slithering demon
I really wish that I could change my pattern
From a heart broken lover To a violent disaster
With the snap of a finger and a flip of a switch
You can bring me back home with the kiss of your lips
So I guess that imma just stay sour
Till you're ready to give it up you beautiful mayflower
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