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Nobility Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Nobility Lyrics

Yung n thuggin, yung n thuggin, startin to skrt skrt
At the rate I been parlayin, bout to leave you in the dirt
Mega money makin magic man, Im movin with the work
Workin pussy for a paycheck, check it in ya jerk
Busters really think they caught me slippin
Til I put em in kahutz with military issue boots
And a roadway where they brains get loosened
Stick your finest bitches on me, Im a predator
Got the intentions of a killer, and Im bout to let em go
People always ask me "Dylan, whats the word on the quick death?"
Blade dripping like pink strawberry meth
Put you under long enough just to get you undressed and restrained
In the operating room, where you get blessed
The purulent stench of decay, when you take a breath
Rust on my tools, holes in my latex
Hoes in my tomb, rust on my play set
Play, til I bust a nut from all the fuckin hatred

I hate the world, so I stay in contemplation
Cause when I let em know, Ima have to make a statement
Life is a kick in the head
Life is a kick in the head
But you can't kick it back, when its got you by the ankles
Read the news, Im fallin out, ballin out on some militia shit
Like Brigham Young, with all my wives around my ankles
Concubines, extra wives, extra clips, extra lives
Up here in the woods, can't nobody hear nathan
Can't nobody tell me nathan
Medical gauze Rozz rollin out the mat for the new patient
You would look way better at the bottom of the ocean
So it looks like you gon need a real serious operation
What Im sayin, I ain't playin, your parents gon have to
Answer some very serious questions at the station
What you folks know about sedation
What you know about makin closed casket arrangements
For your son
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