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Tigers And Dolphins Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Tigers And Dolphins Lyrics

[Dylan Ross]

Yeah Yeah huh
Is my distance from the mic propa’
What I write’ll probably leave you looking stupider than a white rasta
I’m with my brother looking for the right spot to bench
I’m still quenching the thirst of diggable hip-hoppers
I’m a rip rapper rap ripping ripping raps
Only thing I’m claiming is my set on the income tax
Form I’ve never been chicken like shawarma
This isn’t even a full effort it’s just a warm up
After performing every other rapper storming up
Asking me how much is a beat and can they get it free
Hell no
I’m stomping like shell toes
I’m back up in the spot
Back in the place like Melrose
Mobbing like Mel Brooks
I’m on my ignorant shit like Mel Gibson and his comments made about the istitucs
Been called a white Melly Mel before but I still don’t get it
Imma get digits and get in where my finger barely fits in
But yet I still exhale in my division
I hail from humble beginnings in Cleveland but now I just sail the pacific
I’m bi-coastal
Repping no coast
As I float along the surface of the city like a ghost
I’m not known to most
Monarchy is dry
Even if you were my buddy you’d still be my friend guy
I come back to Cleveland a lot just like Ed Guy
Running an operation from Tawason to Bedsty
Anchorage to Arnon
I’m still tryna come out
And dumb out crazy like cigarettes when you run out
All around the globe
Dripped Out Worldwide
A walking paradox to the small minded like Charlie Bride
Let me take you on a murder ride
I’m killing everything that doesn’t need to exist just like spermicide
You don’t prepare to die
Imma kick it like Natas in 1997 with a contract for you to sign
And my dope bitch you decide
Dylan remains treacherous
Do or Die
Cause that’s the motto I’m doing it by
Fuck it we’ll do it live
If you got L’s put two in the sky
If ever went to school then I
Would have been voted the coolest guy to send a bunch of bullets through your ride
Conspiracy theorist everything is illumini
The industry surrounds me with shit like I took a sewer dive
The difference between you and I
Is that your a super stupid guy and I’m super smart but I’m stupid high
I’m the cubliqi cublikon rubiot rubicon with tracks burning hotter than a UTI
I don’t really go for the stupid type
I need an intellectual brute but her booty has to be super wide
Forever alone I prefer to be
Sometimes it’s like I’m mobbing by myself
Even if I got the crew on my side
You’re getting rhyme assaulted by the high exalted
I’m driving a Renault with the seats upholstered with Tigers And Dolphins
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