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KGP Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – KGP Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Dylan bout to make a stand
Dylan do not give a damn
Creepin' up out the darkness
Stalkin' walking with the weapon in the hand
Killer run up at the door, to spray bitches through the door
Kill you when I see you, then I take you to your funeral
Aim it then I let it go, the blood is drippin' head to toe
I'm watching like a sentinel until I gotta let em' know
BOSS ROZZ GAUZE medical, wrap you in a sheet and then I go and hit the liquor store
I don't get no motherfucking alcohol so I'm just getting snacks
I got some bodies in the back and I'm a cannibal
The reason for the season is to burn them and to burn them slow
Then getting back to my busyness, I'm busy with the murder journal
I'm flipping on the burner phone, I always got a burning junt
And I just want to kill you with the hatred, wanna hurt you hoe
I'm bout to get your bitch up for more
Take you to the murder show, I'm bout to murder everything up in my path and then I go

[Verse 2]
Yes I worship evil shit
Chopped angels in my freezer bitch
Knock you down with hollow tips that won't send you to Jesus bitch
Ain't no heaven
Ain't to restitution for my evilness
The game done did me wrong like Gangsta Pat
Now you gon' realize this
Deadly verses droppin' out the sky like the apocalypse
Mega ballin' ten toes down and never falling off my shit
R-O-Z-Z come and see me
If you got a problem I won't hesitate to click and point a tone
And peel you bitch
Feel the shit
Breakin' down your system it's the mystic shit
I'm coming down with 15's boomin' all the way to hades pit
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