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I Want You In My Life Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – I Want You In My Life Lyrics

[Hook 1]
I Want You In My Life [x12]

You who come through with bass, call me the sub destroyer
I don't wanna get to know ya
I just wanted to show ya
Still Supreme Knowledge Provider
Supreme rhythm controller
R O Double show ya how to do it but its not over
R O Double Jehovah
God is in the message and motive and God is trapped in the stove
I'm [?] defensive? to blow up
The old school vibe defender
Reinvent it then I roll up
Kicking song of Solomon and all I've been getting is doper
Techno maker, Ego breaker
Soul taker, Money folder
Got you manic man it got you in a rush that won't slow up
Activated the beast and released over your phono
Light years ahead looking at the future like its a photo
Pressure cooker cooking up your brain until it orgasm
Dylan doing drama on top of dirty drummin' damn it
Born in 91 but the sound from 92 imagine
Super snappin' if you catch it capture it make it happen

[Hook 2: Rozz Dyliams]
Away, Away
Away from everything
Away, Away
From all the fear and pain
Away, Away
Just come and take my hand
I swear to ya babe
I won't lead you astray

[Hook 1]

[Hook 2 in Spoken Word]
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