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Serving Magick Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Serving Magick Lyrics

Icelandic ice in my water
Just like the pipe needs a washer
I could go outside but the sorrow is simply in me so i think ill stay inside till tomorrow
I gotta re-align with the earth
Under the moonlight i write the right signs in the dirt
Misguided since birth
Takin' a ride in a hearse
I don't really show emotion but i cry when it hurts
Vibrations insurges
Of temptations and urges
Creeping into your consciousness with intent of disturbance
Fervently with urgency emergency cause its urgent
Being with you is the closest thing to heaven i'm certain
Dream journal full of entries and they're all about you
Tried to open up my heart but didn't know what to do
Coming through with the secret that you wish that you knew
I do a spell to make you mine if you believe it its true

(put my pimpin' on a scale of one to ten eleven be my average)
I'm Serving Magick [x4]
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