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Bedroom Eyes Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Bedroom Eyes Lyrics

You got bedroom eyes (sensual music, sensual music)
You got those bedroom eyes (sensual music, sensual music)

[Verse 1]
Baby girl I wonder
How many kisses it would take for me to get high from ya
And I know that it's not a soo-prize
The way you pull me in with those Jew eyes
So seductive and sugary sweet
I know just what you want how you looking at me
It's kinda weird and appealing too
5'4, smooth skin, black hair so I'm feeling you
I kinda wanted this to happen and not to mention
I'ma throw on some tracks and just break the tension
Even though I'ma little scared of it
You got me hooked on it like my own brand of heroin
Your made outta this pure hypnotic-ness
Rocking hips till I pull you into locking lips
Making out with ya
Quick dip to the futon connected now I'm laying out with ya


-Would you come alk down to get out of your clothes?
-Yeah (laughter)
-Well let's see you get out of them clothes

(Sensual music [x7] You are about to hear the most sensual music in the world)

[Verse 2]
At night I can't sleep cause I'm thinking about ya
Singing about ya
Feeling like I'm barely breathing without ya
So I text ya like "what you doing right now?"
"well you should be over here right now with your tongue in my mouth"
I am the only one to ever write you a song right
That's the product of these long nights
So believe me
When I say that for what it's worth
I think your the greatest thing to heaven on earth
You keep seduction on lock and I like it
When you give me forbidden fruit and force me to bite it
So lets take this to the other room
I could lay you down and lay kisses all over you
Slumber room and maxin' in private
Eyes lit kinda like ultraviolet
Girl you got them bedroom eyes and a friendship deodorizer built between your thighs

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