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Jewtiful Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Jewtiful Lyrics

[Verse 1: Dylan Ross]
Yes, I must confess the way my heart pounds
Right through my chest at best is faster than the speed of sound
I have to tell you that you're beautiful before the night ends
And we are locking lips just like some special friends
Tonight I'm trying to do more than just eyeing you
I want to see you and me in the mirror when the coke is making nosebleeds
Yeah, I think I gotta have it of you
A nasty habit that I call "I love you"
Never trust you
Never leave you
I think I need you do you need me too

This Half-Moon and Star of David
You are just so amazing
So grab me kiss me in the streetlights
I live my life for these nights
So come and sit right here
Let me whisper in your ear
That I think you're beautiful, It's beautiful
You're Jewtiful

[Verse 2: Dylan Ross]
Yes, I must confess the way my knees shake
Whenever you're near me
I stammer and don't know what to say
You get me drunk off sight it's like I'm seeing double vision
When you are in my line of sight I see in tunnel vision
Kind of a tunnel rat looking for a scrap of love
I can bundle wrap smuggle back and be up on that
I'm thinking light brown trenchcoat and ghetto blaster
But that situation is usually disaster
So it's critical of standing in the rain with flowers is meaningful or just an apathetic visual
So pick any side of me that you want
But if you want the whole thing then let it be on

[Hook] [x2]
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