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Downwitdawickedshit Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Downwitdawickedshit Lyrics

-finna take you on a little psychotic trip
through the maniac mind of a demented psychotic serial killa
born in 1991
-the mothafuckin saga continues

[Verse 1]
Psychopathic Ross and my brain got it spinnin'
Evilly grinning
Living the motherfucking life of sinning
Had faith for the bible changed my opinion
Now I kick the wicked shit
The wicked shit is what I’m kicking
I don’t any new friends; just victims
I need to find some guts
So my knife
It’s can sticks em
I stab to the rhythm
Like it’s not worth living
If your living underneath the influence of a prescription
There is no final destination for a christian other than decomposition
Just like everybody else
So I sit by myself
To the world I am stealth
As I hit the cheebah smoking til my motherfucking brain melts
Living in the same hell that I did
Even ever since I was still a younger kid
Restoring faith by the ether you be saved
I’m the reaper with this blade
Still creeping through this maze and I’m out

2 swings off with ya head
I’m down with the wicked shit
The wicked shit until I’m dead
2 swings off with ya head
Literally cause that’s what the man said
I’m down with the wicked shit
The wicked shit until I’m dead
2 swings off with ya head
The back of ya necks all over the shed

[Verse 2]
You wanna hear about a menace to society well here’s one
A quiet motherfucker but I’m murdering just for fun
Without even a gun
You do the math
I’ll blast if I gotta but I would rather strangle you in the bath
So you might wanna rethink if you wanna give me dap
I’ll murder you for a number four and a fifty sack
Nowadays ya’ll are too hygienic with the rap
Strip a tabs and I’ll get it dirtier than a hippy’s ass
But yo
Back to the shit on task
Back up in your crib with my face covered up with a crystal mask
And I’m chopping and I’m swinging
You could cut your own dick off and blame it on the wicked funk I’m bringing
Let me know
Let me know
Let me know
What’s the reason I kill em’
Why do I feel i need to do it mo’
You wanna catch me at a show
How’s this
Your invited to my funeral may i rest in this


Boom Shaka Boom
Boom Shaka Boom
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