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Cut The Meat Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Cut The Meat Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I nearly had a heart attack
When I got the first initial investment from my Pops
Now finally
I would be achieving my life long dream of owning my own little butcher shop
It was on the same cross streets that I always imagined
Ever since I was a little itty bitty baby rabbit
I used to go to Gibbs with Momma to watch the man cut the steaks
Thinking only God gets to do what he's doing before the good stuff gets on the plate
I got a fat loan from the bank that would pay off in no time
I gutted the place out and renovated the space
Now it's show time
Shipments coming in from the supplier
I cut the meat (cut it)
Dismantle piece by piece
Remove eyes, guts and teeth (yucky)
It's better than dragging the bloody marbled muscle tissue out in the street (yucky)
I think about the intricate roadways of aims when I go to sleep
People call me a creep
But I don't think it's fair through let me explain
Nevermind I'll wait for a better time when I can better demonstrate the pain
Walk a mile in the shoes of the butcher man you'll feel just the same
Can't wash the evil off with the innocence of the lambs blood stain
Can't wash the child like excitement of carnage off it just can't go away
Can't give it away
Can't give in to anything other than sickening rage

Cut The Meat, Cut The Meat
Cut The Meat, Cut The Meat
I ain't got no time for none of that phony bologna jack cut the meat (x5)

[Verse 2]
You wanna get a life (nope)
Don't wanna get a life
I can set ya right homie get a set of knives
If you do it right and you treat em' right
You'll develop a passionate appreciation of cutting things up when you sleep at night
People coming in from all around to visit my little shop of horrors
The local paper praised the quality of the goods that I offer
The services that I offer
The self taught precision and skill
The art of going in for the kill
Killing a thing and turning it into a meal
Turning a meal into shit into shit fertilizing a field
Mesmerizing satisfaction as the dying swine squeal
I talked to the maggots in the back of my brain making a business deal
I talked to the people who used to make fun of me when I daydreamed still
Gullet to the groin
Killer for the coin
Butcherman gotta go and get it
You don't understand the problem but you'll get it
Put you on the butcher block and hit you with it
Put you in a state of something really wicked right before the sickly sleepy composition end-o-matic systematic breakdown
Finna break your body down into a liquid

Cut The Meat, Cut The Meat
Cut The Meat, Cut The Meat
I ain't got no time for none of that phony bologna jack cut the meat (x5)
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