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Greazy Ham Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Greazy Ham Lyrics

Some really quick shit

So listen
Ross man go greasy ham
Kick it with Fly Lo and the V Z fam
If you don't got it get the CD man
Ask for it Buy name at the CD stand
I Keep my shit classic like Steeley Dan
Keep my shit classic Zappa studio tan
Really? Damn!
I am on a roll
Wrote eleven songs in a day and Bout to write 11 mo'
I'm never lazy and my words in poems
I could even crowd surf in a nursing home
Name in current state of the game I'm aiming
Nowadays everybody love me like Raymond
So all hail the superlative dude
That can get a crowd out of there unintuitive mood
I kick it old school compare me to Ron C
And I'm going off a white like a fair uh con speech
I have a pretty grasp of what I'm doing
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