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The Castle Of Depression Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – The Castle Of Depression Lyrics

Through the forest of tribulation
Across the moat of tears
You approach the door
The solid oak door
And knock with the lion three times
Welcome to my realm
Welcome to my zone
The Castle Of Depression
The castle that I own
Shut the world out consciously so I can stay alone
In the dark so I blacked out all the windows of my home
Give a fuck what you were told
I’m a kiss from a Rose
Cherub n and gold
Crushed red velvet and the risla wrap is rolled
The moon is getting brighter and the air is getting cold
Walk in and see death
And everything gold leaf
Marble mantle piece
And sculptures draped with sheets
I just want the world
And the hunger will not cease
Trapped inside a fortress that I built with no release
Lost all will to live
As I get old and think
Money filling up my bank
Tears filling up my sink
If you wanna find me
You can find me in the west
Where the weathers always gloomy
With the doom I am obsessed
Well dressed
Take the heirloom relic out the chest
Do a spell a couple times
And release a couple rhymes
And metamorphosis and knowing what is best
I am the one
Who walks between the roads
The dripped out savior
I can save her I’m knee deep in hoes
I remain ten toes
With cinco painted probes
I’m so handsome I could kill my self and let my spirit go
Hanzumness is all I'll ever do
Got me in the mood for a devilish stang or two
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