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Infinite Dreamworlds Of Sex Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Infinite Dreamworlds Of Sex Lyrics

As you enter dreamland, and feel my hand slide up into your dress
You will learn that heaven burns, when my fingers turn and twist
These witch ticklers slipping in to stimulate and twist and scrape
And scrape away the madness, my madness the most high blissful state
Open your eyes and soak it in, to no surprise, you feel just like a girl again
In a world of wonder, not even wondering when it will end
My endless hunger multiplies, my tongue extends and then divides
Into a snake, as you awake, in pain from burning at the stake
Through the smoke, you saw the shadowy figure floating on the lake
Approaching you at an unknown speed, to take and give you what you need
Take the skeleton out your barren womb, and bring it back to life
And make you watch me, as I slowly kill it again, and make it bleed
Fulfill thy purpose, as the quivering hole that Dylan seeks
I will give you what you cannot fathom til it makes you weak
Master of your whole reality, of fatality, sex and death
Ill fuck you til you break down into dust, and leave behind whats left
Filthy whore, thats the only kind of whore that I adore
The kind thats easy to bend and break, and tear away at behind the door
Get inside your brain and rearrange it til I like it more
And make you go insane, until you dont even wanna live life anymore
Most of these bitches are stupid, actin like they want some kind of award
They get sent to a separate hell, where theyre not even allowed to speak one word
But no, not you, didn't even slip through, it was serendipity that you would end up on my floor
Cruelty, please let the beast get more
Then I give you one last kiss

Infinite dreamworlds of sex
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