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My Homegirl Is Beautiful Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – My Homegirl Is Beautiful Lyrics

I know my statement is quite overstated
That romance is fucked
and infatuation is overrated
I might be a bit belated and jaded at how you act like a maiden
And I’m aiming to venture into you daily
But please don’t say you love me yet
Just let me touch your wetness
Until you’re inside of my brain and influencing my set list
I love the way that we fit together like Tetris
But if we take this any further were gonna regret this
But when I kiss you on the balcony tonight
It’s gonna feel like you’ve known me for more than half your life
If I’m the preacher you’re the pastor’s wife
And when I wanna cut your soul Outta your body
be prepared to pass the knife
Cause all this time I thought abstinence was the key to keep a clear mind
Obviously that didn’t do shit for me
So I don’t even wanna make history
May I state that you love me like a lover in a sisterly way
Until my heart is blistering with pain and I’m pissed and contained
And this anguish and energy that I stole right from the back of your brain
I’m sick of going through the motions of time
So I’m groping the nine
And pistol whipping my emotions in line
I’m hoping to find a way to openly rhyme
That I’m kinda like Prince cause I don’t really roll with the time
But here’s a ritual to make you mine
I’ll put a faucet on my back and you can drink the acid from my spine
And nowadays my heart is just a lump in my throat
And negative consequences are just little bumps in the road
I keep a spare light-bulb tucked in my coat
Because your auras flickering and going dim it’s about to be broke
But you’re a genius with words
And your such a captivating melody
Just like the real life venus and ferns
It’s so puzzling and absurd
I wish that I could study and observe the way your cuddling my nerves
Cause when my skin is in your hands you are a poet
You are the song of solomon if cool Keith wrote it
But I do not demand respect
I demand connection
And I’m yearning for the time that you decide to bite my neck
And when the morning comes
I want you brightly lit like your morning exercise
Is holding up the morning sun
And as the story goes
I just want to adore someone
closing up like a morning glory does
Forget a white dress
I want you in something real
Like a dress made out of live electric eels
It’ll give me something to feel
Cause every time I touch you it’s like electrocution but it’s instantly healed
And I don’t know if this is love but if it is
Give more
Cause this is the only thing I wanna live for
But I don’t even know if we’re alive
But if we are in this moment
I completely intend to make you mine

Homegirl is beautiful (yeah)
In every way
And my Homegirl gets
more beautiful everyday
My Homegirl is beautiful
in every way
And my Homegirl gets more beautiful every day
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