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Hidden Run Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Hidden Run Lyrics

[Verse 1]
It is so easy to just fall in love
But logical thinking is an entirely different game
It’s so easy for me to forget not everyone is not the same
And everybody has a different vision of success and thinks with a different brain
I need to take some time to re-cooperate and regain
I’m thinking about going hard on Lighthouse tour and spending some time in Maine
Discovering new methods of using my game
Maybe find an Albanian princess up coast on the way
Hey Hey Hey
Let me kick it with you for a minute or two
You can judge me all you want just let me get the benefit of you
And if this is true then I’m on to something
I just need someone else to help get one

I’m thinking about going on my 1st Hit and Run
I just need to find my woman behind the sun (x2)

Hello are you there, yes I’m here (x4)
Can you hear

[Verse 2]
There is no place that I would rather be
Than with you in this house built on the sea
Just you and me and The Earl Grey Tea
I could set it for two implying you and me
All I really wanna do is anything I can do to make you believe
If you were just a trick you would be up my sleeve
Sometimes my life feels like the house of leaves
I need a vacation even more than I think
Hey Hey Hey
Would you like to be my darling thing
We can sail the world for a couple years and make a bunch of artsy things
I could definitely pencil you in my agenda and together we could learn a new skill set to conquer the world together
Til' then I’ll send letters
I’m thinking about going on my 1st Hit & Run
I just need to find my woman behind the sun

Yeah hit and run (5x)

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