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In Love With A Ghost Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – In Love With A Ghost Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I don’t what to do
I don’t know what to think
As I look at my reflection and and I look down at the sink
I write you letters everyday but I just waste my ink
Cause you said you’d never leave me but you left me in a blink
I couldn’t buy you diamonds or wrap you up in mink
But I could give you everything I have and I mean everything
When I needed comforting you would hold me
You would sing
Til I drifted off to sleep and all the terror it would bring
I couldn’t save you from yourself even though I had tried
And I still haven’t cried since they told me that you died
They said you died of reasons that your mother still denies
And doesn’t believe you could have led yourself to your own demise
All the pictures of you I’m noticing changes in the eyes
Like they point me to the clues that help me figure out the lies
I could shed a million tears
I could shed a million more
But I wouldn’t change what you did or the reason it was for
So I sit with my thoughts and deal with the rumination
I’m waiting for a sign but I’m starting to grow impatient
I can not leave you in the past cause I’m fervently hoping
You came back to life when your ashes were eaten by the ocean
Most em
I had to keep a line or two for me
If you were only here to see what you still do to me
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