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Woss Castle Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Woss Castle Lyrics

He who came from the mud
I feel like (?) chipping off a brick
Put that brick on a slab
Bust an operation real quick
Bust an op and get my meal tick
Time tick so I think quick
Godfather from the House of Drip
Dylan dripping I’m in love with money fuck a damn trip
I’ve been sipping on this magic potion eating (?)
Thinking bout my folks across the ocean out in (?)
Can you get buck buck shot sing like opera
Hopping out the whip with euros busting out my pocket-ah
Now I’m in effect I’m checking wrecking hoes and hoes is all I see
Back on earth it’s all you read about now read about me
Dylan working SP
I don’t work no 6 to 3
I got mountains in my backyard scoop them with a key
Key log trick a slog
Mega work I get it off
I’m a hog
I’m a dog
Yes I know just what I are
I’m a whip
Airhead tricks and then drop a seminar
Extra mannish yes I are
Northwest superstar
Walk casual tread lightly
Do not tread on me for starters
All you cowards can not comprehend a thing about my power
Power tripping
Pimping vision
Why your vision going sour
I was entered, passed and raised
But wasn’t raised to be no follower
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